The Drop Dead Bachelor Party

Saturday Group Event

Perfect for wedding parties! For up to five people, our group rate allows for each person to receive a haircut and style, and for the groom, a haircut and shave/beard treatment.


The shop is rented for the afternoon to the group exclusively. Each party package includes a complimentary bottle of champagne with toasting flutes, and full access to the lounge's amenities including pool table and entertainment area for movies or video games. Guests may choose to bring food/drink from outside if desired to enjoy in the lounge space. Treat your friends to this experience for the finest men's grooming in the area while enjoying time to relax and have fun together.

Credit cards or cash payment accepted before the start of the party. Parties must be booked minimum 14 days in advance of scheduled date. Host books party and should define the number of people in the group when booking. Party dates are available on Saturdays only, 4pm - 9pm. Basic party package up to 5 people for the low price of $250. 

Contact Jordan for questions and availability HERE.

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